What kind of container can you put in dry ice ?

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What kind of container can you put in dry ice?

The best answer is :Dry Ice Container

1. Dry ice container is low temperature resistant

Dry ice container made of LLDPE special modified material, which can withstand low temperature to below -70℃. Dry ice container body will not become brittle after a long period of freezing, which an ensure the safety of the vaccine in the container.

It is very suitable for the current vaccine in the United States at -70℃ Requirements of storage and transportation environment. 

2. One-piece molding, not easy to break

The product has almost no internal stress during the melting of the material during the rotomolding process, Not easy to deform, Strong and durable. It can better protect the safety of the vaccine in the box. Rotomolding seamless integral molding products have uniform wall thickness, No seams. The tightness of the box is very good, It can well isolate the environment outside the box and keep the environment not polluted.

3. High-pressure polyurethane foaming technology

Magicball development of improved PU insulation material, the insulation time and constant temperature performance of the dry ice box are greatly improved.

Some Information about Vaccine

The best storage and transportation effect of low temperature vaccine is dry ice

 Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide, which is obtained by condensing carbon dioxide into a colorless liquid and then rapidly solidifying under low pressure. The temperature is - 78.5°C, which directly sublimates from solid to gaseous state during dissolution without producing any water or liquid. It can be used for low-temperature freezing medical purposes and transportation of plasma, vaccine special drugs, electronic cryogenic materials, precision components, etc.

Advantages of dry ice for vaccine transportation

1. Physical contact, the cooling rate is very fast, as long as the vaccine is buried in dry ice, the environment can reach -70℃. For some vaccines that need to be stored below -70, dry ice is a good transportation and storage effect.

2. Do not lose the temperature due to power interruption during transportation, adding enough dry ice can keep the storage and transportation temperature of the vaccine at a constant temperature. 

3. There is no need for special vehicles, all kinds of vehicles can be used for transportation, which solves the problem of requiring special equipment vehicles to distribute vaccines.

Magicball Dry Ice Box Information:

                                       YGBW-60 dry ice container                                                                                     


                                  YGBW-260 dry ice container