Dry Ice Machine FAQ

Dry Ice Equipment FAQ

What’s the  delivery time?

Dry ice machine delivery time is about 35-45 days after the payment confirmed.

Can I band my logo?

Yes, OEM is ok

What’s  the adapter for electricity?

380V,220V, 480V…… We can provide the right adapter for electricity according to your requirement.

My customer cannot read Chinese. Manuals and instructions, including the control panel, will have to be in English?

No Problem. We can have make different language for PLC, such as English, Korea……

What’s the Ice Consumption?

2.3-2.5Ton can make 1 Ton dry ice ,about 40%-43.5% without a recycling system.

Can I buy spare parts in other stores?

Of course. Our spare parts are standard parts. So you can buy from any other stores.

Can I change dimension of dry ice size from 3mm to 19mm?

Yes. You can change the dry ice size: 3mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm,19mm.

What guarantee do you provide ? Warranty?

The warranty period of the equipment is 18  months from the factory or 12 months after the installation and commissioning of the equipment, whichever comes first, and lifelong maintenance. Replacement of consumables during the warranty period; except for natural disasters and human factors.

What can I do if the machine troubled after I buy it?

During the warranty period, under normal conditions of use, when receiving the buyer’s notice, if the phone or fax is not resolved ,the technician will sole the problem within 12 hours.

Can your dry ice machine be connected to the Recovery Plant?

Yes, our dry ice machine can be connected to the Recovery Plant.

Which dry ice size is suitable for dry ice cleaning machine?

Dry ice size 3mm is suitable for dry ice cleaning machine.

Can you make dry ice with 20KG?

Yes ,we can . Other block ice dimensions are available on request.

What’s the factory establishment time and production experience?

Magicball established in 2003 and have 15 years experience in dry ice machine field.

We have 120 employees and 5 professional technicians.

Can Europe countries import dry ice machine?

Yes, We have exported to Europe countries for many years and have pass CE Certificate.

My order is very urgent, can I short production time?

We will communicate with our production department, and if possible, we will shorten your production time as soon as possible.

To be honest, 35-45 days is already fast, other suppliers generally have 3-4 months.

How we are going to setup these machine?
When you received dry ice pelletizer, you just connect the cylinder. Dry ice block
machine you don’t do anything.
Related user manual will take to you with dry ice equipment together.