6 Points of Dry Ice Pelletizer Machine

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How Is Dry Ice Made

Dry ice is produced from liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2). Inside the dry ice machine, liquid carbon dioxide expands under controlled conditions to form dry snow. The snow is then pressed through the extruder plate and pressed into different shapes, including dry ice pellets、dry ice slice and dry ice block.


dry ice pellets maker have different dry ice machines according to production capacity.



The small dry ice pellet maker is YGBK-50-1. This model is perfectly suitable for the production of smaller dry ice quantities for blasting and cooling purposes or for gas companies to build smaller production center in order to cover a wider geographic area with fresh dry ice .

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Magicball YGBK-100-1 dry ice pelletizer machine, There are twice production capacity with YGBK-50-1.

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Magicball YGBK-200-1 dry ice pelletizer machine,can make dry ice from 3mm-19mm.

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Magicball YGBK-300-1 dry ice pelletizer maker, also can make dry ice size 3mm-19mm. The dry ice mold can be changed according to your requirement.

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Magicball YGBK-200-2 dry ice co2 pelletizer,have twice output than YGBK-200-1. can make dry ice ranges from 3mm-19mm

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Magicball YGBK-300-2 dry ice pelletizer maker have two cylinders. They can produced separately. So you can control very easy.

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Magicball YGBK-600-2 dry ice equipment have two cylinders. This is our the largest dry ice machine.

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How much does it cost to make dry ice?

The equipment for making dry ice includes: liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2) 、 dry ice maker and dry ice box.

So when you want to start this business, you can calculate very easy.

How much liquid co2 to make dry ice?

According to international practice,3 Ton liquid co2 can make 1 ton dry ice.

Magicball dry ice machine can reach  2.3-2.5Ton make 1 Ton dry ice. Conversion rate reached to 40-43.5%.

For example, 210L LCO2 can make 80-90kg dry ice .Improve the utilization rate of LCO2 and save the cost of liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2).

4. Application for Dry Ice Pellets

Dry ice pellets application for : cold chain transportation, dry ice blasting and dry ice fog machine.

3mm dry ice pellets for dry ice blasting machine

Other dry ice

High-quality dry ice particles can also be used in Transport, Consumber deliveries, Hospitals/laboratories, Recreation, and Household etc.


Used to transport perishable goods including meat, fruits, vegetables, flowers and chocolates.



Keep the steak or sundae cold. This is the perfect choice for fast food delivery services.



Useful in transporting test specimens, pathology samples and blood bags.



A long-lasting  waterless replacement for coolers during camping, picnics, beach outing or fishing trips.



★ Dry Ice Pelletizer Maker Quality

How to choose a good manufacturing of dry ice, the first of all, the quality for dry ice maker is Critical.

If the quality is not good and maintain frequently. It will increased production costs and reduced profits. So you can check whether have related certificate such as CE certificate or SGS certificate, have any guarantee year? what is the material of the dry ice machine surface? Does including dry ice maker spare parts?......

You also can check if this manufacturer have do business with any famous gas companies many years. The customer has always cooperated more times, it is the best guarantee.

Some customers said to me, they don't trust Chinese dry ice maker manufacturer. I suggest you can try it. Cause if you find a best dry ice machine manufacture, it can save you more money ,increase your profits and open another door. You can check about the domestic market share in China. It can show some useful things. You also can check about the related industry information, such as Chinese CO2 Committee, If The CO2 committee recognizes as the dry ice equipment Gold Supplier, you can work them definitely.

★ Production Time

If customer want to do business with dry ice machine manufacturer, the second important is production time.

Some manufacturer maybe production time is very long. So when you negotiate with supplier, you should make sure the production time is very quickly.

★ Dry Ice Production Machine Price

If you want to purchase dry ice pelletizer machine, we suggest you check 2-3 dry ice manufactures to compare. Not only compare the dry ice machine quality but also compare the price, production time and Comprehensive Strength.

The most important is : Please don't prefer the cheapest one. Dry ice equipment not like Comsumer goods. Like said: you get what you pay for. The low-cost dry ice pelletizer will definitely reduce the related costs in the production of machine.

This is a very big risk for customers!

We have met several traders at the exhibition and complained to us about that the previous dry ice suppliers have low price of the dry ice pelleitzer, but the machines always had problems.

So hope you all get your attention and just give you a friendly reminder.

6.Dry Ice Pelletizer Related Other Products


Dry Ice Blasting Machine


3mm Dry ice pelletizer most used in dry ice blasting. There are two kinds of dry ice blasting for your reference.

YGQX-550 dry ice blaster

YGQX-750 dry ice blasting machine

Dry Ice Press Machine

There are have another names: dry ice pellet-to-slice reformer or dry ice reformer.

Meaning press dry ice pellets into dry ice slice.

YGCX-1800 dry ice reformer

YCCX-4000 dry ice reformers

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