Dry Ice Blasting Machine FAQ

Dry Ice Blasting Machine FAQ

What’s the  delivery time?

Dry ice blast cleaning delivery time is about 25-30 days after the payment confirmed.

Can I band my logo?

Yes, OEM is ok.

What’s  the adapter for electricity?

The adapter for electricity is 220V.

Is it suitable for heavy oil with dry ice blasting ?

Yes. Of course.

Please kindly check video: https://youtu.be/3Pw9z87hP9U


Is it suitable for cleaning food processing industry?

Dry ice cleaning is very suitable for cleaning the food processing machines. Because it can't be worked with water . Remove dirt and debris from the assembly line by high pressure . There is no impact on the equipment itself.

What can I do if the machine troubled after I buy it?

During the warranty period, under normal conditions of use, when receiving the buyer’s notice, if the phone or fax is not resolved ,the technician will sole the problem within 12 hours.

What is the dry ice blasting equipment accessories?

Including air hose *1, Ice blast hose *1, Nozzle *2.

Is it suitable for cleaning  tire mold?

Yes. Of course

Please kindly check video: https://youtu.be/mjgCttLKTL8

Can Europe import dry ice cleaning products?

Yes, We have exported to Europe countries for many years and have pass CE Certificate.

What’s the lead time for dry ice blast cleaning?

The lead time is 25-30 days.

What’s the Ice Consumption?

2.3-2.5Ton can make 1 Ton dry ice ,about 40%-43.5%.

Which dry ice size is suitable for dry ice blast cleaning machine?

Dry ice size 3mm is suitable for dry ice blast  cleaning machine.


Clean the tire with dry ice blasting production



Cleaning heavy oil with dry ice blast cleaning



Cleaning heavy oil with dry ice blasting system


Cleaning rust with dry ice cleaning machine



Motor component with dry ice production equipment



Motor component with dry  ice cleaning products




Dry Ice Production Equipment Application

1.Rubber Industry

The mold cleaning problem in the rubber industry has long plagued each manufacturer, and the Magicball dry ice cleaning system solved this problem for them. To use traditional blast cleaning, the mold must be removed and transported to a specific cleaning workshop. After cleaning, the mold is loaded onto a vulcanizer, heated to a certain temperature, and finally vulcanized. The entire process takes a lot of time and can save 80-95% of the time with the Magicball co2 blasting system.
The characteristics of on-line cleaning of dry ice greatly reduce the downtime of the equipment,  and reduce the damage to the mold caused by the blast cleaning, so that the defective rate caused by the gradually increasing tolerance is reduced.
The environmental protection of dry ice cleaning is also an important reason for its promotion, which reduces the secondary pollution caused by the cleaning process.
Tire manufacturers benefit from the use of Magicball dry ice blasting  technology in production: each device can reduce the cost by at least 100,000 yuan per year, and the downtime can be reduced by 80-95% due to online cleaning. The annual production increases and the tool damage is reduced. And reduce the need to reprint the sidewall letters.

2.Casting Industry

The Magicball blasting equipment is applied to the alloy die-casting mold, the casting hot core box and the cold core box, which can remove the residual resin, the failure release layer, the carbonized film agent and the oil stain, and the mold is bright as new after cleaning. XX dry ice cleaning does not need to cool down and disassemble the mold, avoiding the corrosion and damage of the mold by the chemical cleaning method, the mechanical damage and scratch of the mold of the mechanical cleaning method, and the defects of the mold precision caused by repeated loading and unloading.
The key is to eliminate the two most time-consuming steps of disassembling the mold and waiting for the mold to cool down, which can reduce the downtime by about 80%-95%.

3.Car Industry

The automotive industry has many cleaning issues that need to be addressed. These problems can be solved with the Magicball dry ice products. It can easily remove excess grease, deposits, sealants and slag during preventive maintenance, greatly reducing the time required for cleaning in the automotive plant and increasing normal production time by 75%-90%.
It takes more than two hours to thoroughly clean the weld lines using conventional hand scraping and chemicals. If Magicball is used, thorough cleaning of the weld can be completed in less than 25 minutes.
Clay molds require daily stain cleaning to remove fine particles and TPU burn marks to prevent the production of unusable rejects. Traditional cleaning methods use poorly performing alumina, which usually requires the mold to be deactivated to thoroughly clean it. When using Magicball, the gel mold no longer needs to be cleaned with toxic chemical alumina. There is no need to stop work when cleaning the mold thoroughly, and it can increase production.
Electrophoretic paints that are usually removed by hand scraping may be difficult to remove if they are too thick or in a hard-to-reach position. Use XX to easily remove paint shop rollers, slings, rails, motors and gearboxes, perforated guards and electrophoretic paint on concrete floors. In addition, regular use of the Magicball dry ice cleaning system keeps the paint booth sensor and doorway clean and unobstructed.

4.Printing Industry

In the printing industry, the accumulation of ink on the press gear and the color gauge components reduces the calibration effect and results in poor print quality and high scratch rate. The Magicball cleaning machine can reduce the low quality and high scratch rate, and in some cases can even eliminate this situation. In many plants, side frames and printing color set devices are typically not cleaned when absolutely necessary. It usually takes several hours on each color printer to wipe the assembly surface. Since the current modern printing press has 4 to 8 color groups, during this cleaning cycle, the cleaning downtime is likely to cause tens of thousands of cumulative production losses. However, when using the Magicball Dry Ice Cleaning System, both sides of the color set can be cleaned in as little as 10-15 minutes because the muzzle can easily reach all surfaces. In addition, it is easy to clean the dried drip pan and sprinkler.

In general, it takes 4-5 business days to manually scrub a device, and the Magicball dry ice dosing system can clean the same device in less than 4 hours. With such speed and efficiency, you no longer need to shut down to clean. Cleaning during equipment job change is cost effective, increasing your production time and increasing productivity. The Magicball dry ice pleet cleaning machine eliminates the use of hazardous solvents, scrapers, chisels and abrasive cloths, and eliminates the need for disassembly equipment, reducing many direct and indirect costs, such as downtime, poor print quality, defective products, mechanical parts wear and hazardous waste. Treatment with the agent.

5.Plastic and Polyurethane Industries

Polyurethane foam molds must be thoroughly cleaned (including surfaces) to remove plastic residues and mold release agents that can cause a decrease in gloss. Cleaning the mold with the Magicball dry ice equipment system saves at least 70% of the man-hours and provides complete and thorough cleaning that cannot be achieved by other means. The level of cleaning provided by the Magicball system ensures that part tolerances are met and the part is smoothly demolded.
Clean mold cavities are an important factor in maintaining current high quality standards. The accumulation of excess surface residues caused by the product mix itself or during the demolding or labeling process can cause problems such as product demoulding (blanking) being affected, poor product quality, and due to overfilling and deformation. Damage to the tool, etc. In addition to maintaining mold stains, the Magicball dry ice cleaning process also reduces (and in many cases eliminates) the need to remove molds from equipment in conventional cleaning methods. The Magicball Dry Ice cleaning equipment cleans the mold surface while the mold is still being processed and at the cure temperature. Magicball dry ice blasting removes wax and paraffin that accumulate on the bottle and can cause crepe (orange peel effect) while the mold is still hot. When the manufacturer manufactures a polyurethane foam product for the muffling of cars and vans, the mold is wrapped with an isocyanate/wax release agent. The accumulation of the release agent eventually causes the problem of "out of the blank". In extreme cases, the wax release agent is mixed into the polyurethane foam product, rendering the product unusable.
Using the Magicball Dry Ice pelletizer, the mold can be cleaned in as little as 15 to 20 minutes, and the cavity is cleaned more thoroughly. The number of dry ice spray cleaning molds is 20 times that of conventional methods. Magicball dry ice cleaning is a comprehensive and effective way to clean the entire cavity of the blow molding and injection mold. Many major blow molding bottle manufacturers have found that dry ice blasting systems can't smear their daily mold stains by just cleaning the hot-on-line molds in place. Today, the last 1/3 of the blow mold surface used to make test tube plastic tubes and the entire deep cavity injection mold can be cleaned by dry ice blasting, which used to be manually cleaned.

6.Aerospace Industry

Magicball dry ice cleaning can be used as a means of preparation before repainting, or it can be used only for maintenance equipment. It does not address the electrical problems typically encountered with traditional cleaning methods.
The towline buckle, landing gear system, engine cover and other components can be quickly cleaned without disassembly. Brake dust and other residues can be removed during repair, overhaul, and maintenance, saving significant man-hours and reducing the generation of hazardous materials.

7.Food, Beverages, Pharmaceuticals

The Magicball Dry Ice cleaning products can successfully remove the residue, gelatinous and oily impurities in the oven and the fresh product mixture before the barbecue. Effective cleaning of burning boxes, mixing equipment, conveyor belts, molded products, packaging equipment, hobs, hobs, containers, rollers, inner walls of refrigerators, biscuit bars, etc. Compared with the original manual scrubbing using wire brush and corrosive chemicals, the efficiency can be increased by 5 times. And when you remove all protein residues from your food and equipment, you don't have to worry about allergen contamination.

Magicball dry ice cleaning system benefits: eliminate the cooperation of harmful chemicals, avoid production equipment exposure to harmful chemicals and produce a second garbage; inhibit or remove Salmonella, Listeria and bacteria, more thorough disinfection, clean; exclude Waterjet cleaning damages electronic equipment, minimizes equipment breakdown, and reduces downtime.

8.Power Generation Industry

The Magicball dry ice cleaning process restores rotating and stationary electrical equipment to optimum performance in a very short downtime. Due to the increasing demand for electricity, some equipment (such as combined switchgear and substation) require maintenance-free operation. This can result in lower operational efficiency and unplanned outages caused by flashovers. Cleaning with microparticle Magicball dry ice blasting can:

Reduce the occurrence of disasters

Increase mega ohm readings

Increase polarization index

Improve heat dissipation

Elimination of secondary waste

Reduce downtime by 65%

Examples of Magicball dry ice blasting in power generation applications are:


Power station insulator and bushing insulator

AC/DC motor cleaning






Field frame

9.Electrical Industry

Magicball successfully met the electrical industry's requirements for equipment operating efficiency and uptime. Magicball Dry Ice cleaning solution is an insulated distribution discussion that restores rotating and stationary electrical equipment to optimum performance in a very short downtime. Due to the increasing demand for electricity, some equipment, such as group full-scale switchgear and substation, require maintenance-free operation. This can result in lower operational efficiency and unplanned outages caused by flashovers.

Magicball has developed a patented radial feed "electrically insulated" dry ice blasting system that supports these applications and can clean live electrical appliances, thus restoring efficiency in the event of uninterrupted power.

10.Nuclear Industry

The removal and disposal of hazardous waste can be considered an industry type. When using the Magicball Dry Ice blast Cleaning System, the cleaning media (dry ice) will sublimate. Therefore, the amount of dangerous substances to be treated will not increase, and the related processing costs will not increase. This particular advantage of dry ice blasting is important for nuclear contamination removal because the sand used to clean radioactive materials is also contaminated, and these sands are more expensive to handle.

11.Packaging Manufacturing

Most packaging cartons are printed with a wax or clay based pattern. Since the boxes are transported by conveyor pulleys, the box coating will fall off and be transferred to the pulleys. After the coating has accumulated to a certain extent on the pulley, the box is easily dropped from the transport pulley during transport. Transfer pulley The traditional cleaning method requires disassembly every 4-10 days and scrubbing with solvent and brush.

The Magicball dry ice cleaning process improves the productivity of the line by completely cleaning the wax or clay that accumulates on the pulley without disassembling the transfer pulley. All packaged beverage bottles have inkjet codes for information transfer and tracking. Most inkjet processes can be sprayed onto nearby machines, conveyors, belt drives, and electronics. Therefore, these inks will be redeposited on the package and the finished product will become defective. The Magicball  co2 dry ice cleaning process gently removes overspray ink to prevent defective or line closures.

12.General Maintenance Area

The Magicball Dry Ice Cleaning System cleans most industrial equipment, machinery, machine tools, vulcanization equipment and assembly line equipment without damage. This is very beneficial for some machine refurbished companies. Dry ice cleaning can wash the machine like new ones.
The Magicball Dry Ice Cleaning System effectively cleans the hybrid conveyor belt assembly and the furnace belt hopper. In addition, Magicball cleans hydraulic power units and a total of four weeks, power and distribution components. Dry ice blasting can easily remove viscous materials because the reduced temperature during the spraying process can weaken the adhesion. Since conventional abrasive cleaning methods often generate heat, it is not effective to remove sticky substances. The Magicball dry ice cleaning system is also very successful in ship maintenance and maintenance. Magicball removes seaweed, seafloor viscous material and mussels from the hull and seawater suction valves, which is much better than water jet treatment. The Magicball system is also effective in cleaning mechanical and electrical equipment components in the engine room.

Advantage of Dry Ice Blasting 

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