Dry Ice Storage Container FAQ

Dry Ice Storage Container FAQ

1.   F:Is this container easy to move?

      A:The bottom of our box is equipped with wheels to facilitate movement.

2.   F: Can i brand my logo on the box?

      A: Yes, when your demand reaches a certain quantity.

3.   F:How many boxes can a 20 'container hold?

      A: It can install 100 small boxes(YGBW-60) or 42 big boxes(YGBW-260)

4.   F:What’s the  delivery time?

      A:Dry ice storage container delivery time is about 7 days after the payment confirmed.

5.   F: What’s the Heat loss?

      A: About 4-6%/24h.

6.   F:How to pack dry ice storage container?

      A: First wrapped in plastic film, the bottom is used in pallets. One pallet will be packed four dry ice storage containers.

7.   F:What’s the Ice Consumption?

      A:2.3-2.5Ton can make 1 Ton dry ice ,about 40%-43.5%.

8.   F: Which dry ice size is suitable for dry ice cleaning machine?

      A: Dry ice size 3mm is suitable for dry ice cleaning machine.


YGBW-260 Dry ice container  https://youtu.be/-qk8C2N5Lws