Why use dry ice to clean tire molds?

 News     |      2019-02-25 13:41:08

Why use dry ice to clean tire molds?


Generally, there are a lot of rubber-forming teeth on the outer surface of the tire, which is to ensure the anti-skid in the vehicle and improve the safety of the vehicle during driving. However, while ensuring sufficient resistance on the surface of the tire and the ground, it is difficult to produce the tire, especially the mold must have a complex shape corresponding to the tire. Therefore, the size of the grooves on the tire mold is different, and it is difficult to clean the dirt in these grooves.

The wear resistance and anti-slip ability of tires are improved by the production of viscous materials such as rubber, polyurethane and polyethylene. However, these materials can easily stick to the mold without rapid cooling. If the mold is not cleaned regularly, it will affect the quality of the tire product.


When the tire mold is contaminated with sticky residue, it will form a large amount of dirt on the surface, which seriously affects the quality of the mold product. These sticky residues are difficult to be cleaned before the dry ice is produced.

Later, after using dry ice cleaning, the tire dirt can be quickly and completely removed, and the tire tread mold uneven dirt can be easily removed, which plays a big role in opening the mold pores.