Three points to pay attention to when cleaning with dry ice

 News     |      2019-01-28 10:04:37

Three points to pay attention to when cleaning with dry ice


Although the dry ice cleaning method has many advantages in all aspects, there are still some problems that need attention in the actual operation. Pay attention to the following three points in dry ice cleaning:


1. Dry ice cleaning rust and residue removal: Although dry ice cleaning does not cause wear on the surface of the object, it also limits its ability to remove stubborn dirt and thick rust. For example, for those soft and elastic residues that remain in the natural rubber molding operating system, dry ice cleaning is less effective because these dry ice particles are bounced back when sprayed onto such residues. (Of course, dry ice blasting to remove liquid silicone rubber (LSR) is excellent, especially for those cavity surfaces with embossing). In addition, dry ice blast cleaning removes only those residues that the eye can see.


2. Dry ice cleaning noise level: Just like other compressed air systems, when using the dry ice blasting method for mold cleaning, the general noise will reach 102dbA, which requires better ear protection. However, when the dry ice blast cleaning equipment is used for a long time, even if the earplugs are inserted, the noise is still large, and the human body will be more and more irritated with the extension of time, and the earmuffs with earplugs are used at this time. Can play a certain role.


3. Dry ice cleaning staff safety: If dry ice particles sprayed at 900 ft/s per second are sprayed onto a person, the human body is simply unable to resist. Therefore, for safety, all protective equipment must be worn before operation, including: durable gloves, full face mask and long sleeves. In general, there are many workbench and equipment in the production workshop. The distance between them is usually 3~5ft. Therefore, in the cleaning operation, always pay attention to whether there are people nearby, so as to avoid accidentally dropping the dirt and hurting others.