New uses of dry ice, dry ice can wash clothes

 News     |      2018-03-01 00:00:00
Dry ice is really extensive use of dry ice for various industries, recently Swede washing machine without water design , technology tends to make our lives some of the tedious things interesting and easy. In laundry , for example, the Swedish electronics giant Electrolux has designed a newly called "tracks" the concept of washing machines , clothes can make you float mid-air and can take advantage of the dry ice ( solid carbon dioxide ) within minutes, they are washed and without water .
"Tracks" like a washing machine in the shape of a satellite with a halo , the middle is made of metal with a superconducting spherical laundry basket , laundry basket surface is also covered with broken glass and anti- shock device , which then can be used to cool the air nitrogen devices. "Tracks" of the washing machine can be powered up outside the circle is concentric rings . Laundry baskets leaving its resistivity temperature drops down , the outer magnetic field generated by concentric rings , it can be suspended .
"Tracks" also has a porcelain touch-control screen . Open, laundry basket to be supersonic speed impact ice sublimation clothing, by sublimation of dry ice and the interaction of certain organic compounds of these decomposition of organic matter , soil flushing through a pipe can be filtered out . Gaseous carbon dioxide will be re- frozen solid return , and your clothes are wet in no circumstances become clean.
Although this new washing machine is still in the concept of being , but it is not difficult to imagine the future will become essential home appliances.