Dry Ice Blasting-Rubber and Tires

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Dry Ice Blasting-Rubber


The mold cleaning problem in the rubber industry has long plagued each manufacturer, and the Magicball dry ice cleaning system solved this problem for them. To use traditional blast cleaning, the mold must be removed and transported to a specific cleaning workshop. After cleaning, the mold is loaded onto a vulcanizer, heated to a certain temperature, and finally vulcanized. The entire process takes a lot of time and can save 80-95% of the time with the Magicball co2 blasting system.

The characteristics of on-line cleaning of dry ice greatly reduce the downtime of the equipment,  and reduce the damage to the mold caused by the blast cleaning, so that the defective rate caused by the gradually increasing tolerance is reduced.
The environmental protection of dry ice cleaning is also an important reason for its promotion, which reduces the secondary pollution caused by the cleaning process.




Dry ice cleaning safely cleans rubber molds at high temperatures and running conditions, reducing downtime and eliminating mold fouling.


        *Avoid total downtime                                              *Online cleaning

        *No need to disassemble the mold                      *Improve product quality and reduce waste

        *Non-destructive cleaning                                       *No impact damage or mold erosion

        *Extend production time                                          *Reduce cleaning time and labor costs

        *Environmental protection                                       *No secondary waste


Dry Ice Blasting- Tires

Tire manufacturers benefit from the use of Magicball dry ice blasting  technology in production: each device can reduce the cost by at least 100,000 yuan per year, and the downtime can be reduced by 80-95% due to online cleaning. The annual production increases and the tool damage is reduced. And reduce the need to reprint the sidewall letters.


Dry ice cleaning works by blasting tire stampers without damaging spring vents to extend run time and reduce defects and rejects.

          *Reduce downtime                                 *Reduce scrap rates and defects

          *Non-destructive cleaning                      *No impact damage 

          *No need to disassemble tire molds       *Reduces labor costs by up to 75% when cleaning online

          *No secondary waste                              *Environmental protection




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