IG , China 2019 ----Hangzhou International Expo Center

 News     |      2019-06-12 09:11:00

IG , China 2019

Hangzhou International Expo Center 


No. 353, Benjing Avenue, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China 

浙江省杭州市萧山区奔竞大道353号 Time:19.Sept-20.Sept

Exhibition Criteria Gas equipment, systems and technologies; gas auxiliary equipment and materials; 

gas analysis and application instrumentation; gas transportation and packaging materials; gas cylinders, pipeline testing equipment; gas production, safety management; raw materials; gas production and application technology; ; clean fuel filling equipment for automobiles; maintenance and maintenance of gas equipment; specialty gas products ; manufactures dry ice block, dry ice equipment,dry ice blaster and technologies.

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