Complete equipment configuration from dry ice to dry ice blasting

 News     |      2019-02-18 09:46:24

Complete equipment configuration from dry ice to dry ice blasting

Device configuration requires:

1. One liquid CO2 storage tank

2. One dry ice granulator

3. Dry ice storage box multiple

4. One dry ice jet cleaning machine

5. Compressed air

The storage tank is recommended to be 10M or 15M, because the tank truck is generally 7~11M. If the tank capacity is too small, the tank truck can not completely empty the liquid, so the CO2 merchants sold may be less willing to supply, which may affect the dry ice production. .

The output selection of dry ice granulator is determined according to the daily usage. It is recommended to use KBM-100 machine for small dosage. (The parameter is referred to KBM-100 dry ice machine.) It is recommended to use a larger output model.

Dry storage of dry ice in the cold storage box consumes 3 to 8% of dry ice per day. It is recommended not to store for a long time, and it can be produced several hours in advance.

The compressed air can be selected from the factory power distribution gas. The pressure should not be lower than 4 MPa. The main pipeline should be as large as possible. The main pipeline should not be less than DN50. There should be water removal and degreasing equipment.

The dry ice blasting machine is mobile. It can be poured into the dry ice during cleaning. It needs to be equipped with a 220V power supply.